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Delivery terms

Fribergs Verkstäders AB:s Terms of delivery

1. General

This Terms of delivery refers to all deliveries of Fribergs products and spare parts.

This Terms shall be complemented with individual agreement or a written agreement, as an offer, an order or a order confirmation. If nothing is specified in the individual agreement or in our Terms of delivery shall the agreement refer to the general Terms of delivery due to NL09.

If our Terms of delivery, the individual agreement or Terms of NL09 disagree in some point should it refer to the following order:

  1. Individual agreement
  2. Fribergs Verkstäders Terms of delivery
  3. General Terms of delivery NL09

Any lapse from this Terms shall have e a written permission from Fribergs Verkstäder AB to be a valid document for both parts of the deal. This means that’s a written request of any differences should then be approved by Fribergs Verkstäder before it will be a part of the deal.

2. Prices

The prices in the catalogue or individual agreement is presented in EURO- EUR. The price does not include emballage, freight and sales tax.

The prices are valid until the next pricelist is released.Fribergs Verkstäder can whenever they pleases change prices in our catalogue without any official messages, but will be presented on the order confirmation.

3. Payment and invoices

Payment should be fulfilled within 30 days after the invoice date if not other date/time is agreed in the individual agreement.

We can also help out with the financials.

Due to late payment we take an interest of 10% after due day. We also take a legal fee of 5 EUR.

Fribergs Verkstäder AB is free to claim prepayment at any time before the products is delivered regardless of whatever the causes, or demand a proof of payment assurance. The products is owned by Fribergs Verkstäder AB until full payment is done, irrespective of is the product is delivered or not.

4. Packaging

The cost for packaging should always be paid by the customer regardless time for purchase or pricelist. We never pay any credit for packaging.

5. Delivery

If nothing else is specified we use in first hand Schenker, then DHL or Posten logistic as our distributors.

Ex Works, means that if nothing else is agreed will the distributors have the responsibility of the goods after pick up from us.

When the goods are delivered, the customer should always survey and clear the goods from transportation injuries, if transportation injuries has emerged this shall be reported to the distributor within 5 days. Or else the reclamation time is passed and invalid.

6. Warranties

Fribergs Verkstäder AB have 1 year warranty of products and spare parts from the day it left Fribergs Verkstäder AB. 

 It’s possible to pay an additional charge for 1, 2 or 5 extra year due to Fribergs Verkstäder AB´s pricelist. (This is not including Spare Parts)

In terms of our warranty, we repair or replace parts or units without any costs, that’s broke down or unfunctions during normal using under the warranty time, due to fabric or materiel faults.

Products that’s used beyond what they are made for or used in the wrong way of handling are not valid in the warranties.
Our instruction in our documentation must be accompanied to maintain warranty.

Repairs within warranty shall be preformed either by us or any service organisation that’s approved by Fribergs Verkstäder AB.
Our goal is that we or designated service company to repair/replace faulty parts/problems during warranty within 96 hours ( 4 working days) during regular working days.
(Not weekends, long weekends or holidays)
Of course, we try to remedy as soon as possible but rutorders, transportation of spare parts, etc. May affect.

All warranty issues must be reported to Fribergs Verkstäder AB before any repairs made.

For getting full warranty must ALL exchanged parts be sent back to us for further control, before we do any credit of costs. We can deny credit or give a discount of credit if we see it necessary.

7. Reclamation

Before any reclamation is preformed, the customer must make a reclamation request. This is done ether by contacting Fribergs at phone +46512-300040 or by fax +46512-60100 or by email to

Reclamation request should be done immediately or within 8 days from delivery.

Fribergs Verkstäder can whenever deny reclamation if its not justifiable or if Fribergs hasn’t got the possibilities to try to repair the product first.

If the reclamation isn’t done properly Fribergs Verkstäder may give a discount of the credit.

The cost for freight and emballage is never given any credits.

Any approved reclamations of Fribergs Stoves, Fryingboards or goods in stock will be credited with 80% of retailprice.

If resending goods to Fribergs make sure they are well emballaged and tightend to pallet.

Stoves and Fryingboards would better still have the covering plastic over the stainless steel, and should be well emballaged and tightend to pallet

All reclamations are foto documented and is unpacked for inspection before any credit is preformed.

Terms of delivery can also be downloaded in PDF format (click)

Here you can download the reclaim request form in PDF format (click)

General delivery terms (NL09) in Swedish, PDF format (click to download)