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Fribergs stainless centrifugal pumps are designed for transporting liquids and liquid mixtures where the demands on hygiene and corrosion are high.

All parts touched by liquid are therefore of stainless steel, standard quality SIS 2333, but acid-resistant quality 2343 is available on order. In the foodstuffs version all internal surfaces are also glass blasted for the best surface finish – vital for best hygiene.

The impellers are open type with plenty of room between rotating and fixed parts. This makes them relatively non-sensitive to foreign objects and interference.

Axial sealing is available in three different rubber materials depending on the character of the pumping liquid - nitrile rubber, EPDM or Viton®. The front gable is sealed using a standard O-ring. Should the axial sealing break due, for example, to dry running, the liquid will not penetrate the motor thanks to a draining partition.

The motor is fully enclosed, well-dimensioned, air-cooled and 3-conductor, safety class IP 54, CE Marked.

Read more about the different models under Technical data.

Flexible · Hygienic · Lightweight · Durable

Technical information

For agriculture

CP-25 and CP-35
These pumps are designed primarily for liquid fodder mixtures in, for example, pig farms, but also suit aggressive solutions, alkalis, oils, liquid fertiliser, or for sump draining.

The CP-25 comes with different impellers:

  • CP-25-5 with five wings for water or very thin products such as whey or similar.
  • CP-25-3 has three wings and is suitable for more viscous fodder products such as bio fodder.

The CP-35, with its larger inlets and outlets and wider housing and wheels, is recommended for heavier mixtures such as potatoes, bread, peas etc. It is able to transport many different types of fodder mixtures.

CP-60 and CP-80
Like the CP-25 and CP-35, these pumps are mainly designed for agricultural use. They do however provide a significantly higher pressure and larger amounts. Measurement-wise the 60 and 80 series are similar. Capacity for the 80 series is increased through an extra impeller.

The CP-60 and CP-80 are mostly used for pumping ready mixed fodder gruel to the consumption area.

For foodstuffs

CP-61 and CP-81
These pumps are purely for foodstuffs with all parts except the motor in stainless steel. Internal parts are glass-blasted and are equipped with inlet and outlet dairy flanges.

The motor is covered by a stainless, burnished cover. Lightweight and easy to clean!

The pump has two capacities, CP-61 and CP-81.

For industry

CP-62 and CP-82
This design is for general industrial use where corrosion and hygiene must be observed. The pump is suitable for everything from clean water to acidic or alkaline solutions with or without smaller mixtures.

As previous models with two capacities and motors, both have robust silium flanges on the inlet and outlet side. For capacity and power curves, see bottom of the list.

For heavy mixtures

CP KN 015 and KN 017
These pumps are ideal for effectively pulverising pumping mixtures of root crops, apples, food scraps and similar. They have a much larger inlet with a rotating knife blade that cuts and pulverises the ingredients before they enter the pump.

The inlet is 150mm in diameter with a robust silium flange, 150 connection, outlet the same as the CP-82 above, flange connection 80.

The motor is KN 015, 5.5kW, 1400rpm, and the more powerful KN 017 version at 7.0kW, 1400rpm – all for a safe and trouble-free function.

Specifications on request.

Capacity and power curves

Test run using 20°C water.
  CP-25-5     CP-35     CP-60, -61 och -62     CP-80, -81 och -82     KN 015
3,0 kW
6,0 A
cos fi 0,87
2895 rpm
  3,0 kW
6,0 A
cos fi 0,87
2895 rpm
  Rotor 608010
4,0 kW
8,0 A
cos fi 0,9
2865 rpm
  Rotor 608012
5,5 kW
11,1 A
cos fi 0,88
2900 rpm
  5,5 kW
11,7 A
cos fi 0,83
1435 rpm


Below you will find measurements for the product. We're aware that the measurements can be difficult to read on the web, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the different parts and measures on the drawings, you will get a small popup with easier to read text.

Fribergs CP-25 and CP-35

Fribergs CP-60 and CP-80

Fribergs CP-61 and CP-81

Fribergs CP-62 and CP-82



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