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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Induction Cooker FSIT

Cookers and hobs for restaurants and catering services

FSIT 4090 induction cooker 650x650mmProfessional induction cookers and hobs for restaurants and catering services with a 6mm high quality glass top (easily changed). High power, extremely quick heating and a lifetime of 30 000h or more.

4 different models:



Sturdy · Quick · Reliable · Powerful · Durable

Technical data

702696-00FSIT 14kW Pro 414 kW400V3~25A
702698-00FSIT 16kW Pro416 kW400V3~25A
702700-00FSIT 14kW Pro414 kW400V3~25A
702702-00FSIT 16kW Pro416 kW400V3~25A
702704-00FSIT 14kW Pro414 kW400V3~25A
702706-00FSIT 16kW Pro 416 kW400V3~25A

All standard models designed for 3-conductor 400V, 50Hz.


For more comprehensive dimensions we refer to the product sheets, otherwise you will find general dimensions below.

Table of measurements

702696-00FSIT 14kW Pro 650 mm650 mm295 mm
702698-00FSIT 16kW Pro650 mm650 mm295 mm
702700-00FSIT 14kW Pro650 mm650 mm450 mm
702702-00FSIT 16kW Pro650 mm650 mm450 mm
702704-00FSIT 14kW Pro650 mm650 mm900 mmHämta
702706-00FSIT 16kW Pro 650 mm650 mm900 mmHämta

Accessories for FSIT

Accessory FSIT 40
Front shelf 702872-01
Side-mounted shelf 702873-00
Front bar 702874-01
Side-mounted bar 702875-00
Casing with doors 702876-01
Bottom shelf, grid 702877-01
Quick hotplate, 4 kW per zone Contact us for more information
Mixer mount 71037764-07
Shower mixer 051503-5
Connections (pair) 8187361
Water pipe, double swivel 8329872
Nito hand sprayer with hose 8183907
Wall mount, height adjustable 702649-00
Wall mount, fixed height 702650-00

Don't hesitate to contact us if there are any questions in regard to Friberg's FSIT we can answer for you!

Product sheets

Download product sheet in Swedish in PDF format Download product sheet in Danish in PDF format Download product sheet in English in PDF format Download product sheet in German in PDF format

We reserve the right to change the specifications or design at any time without prior notice.