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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Fribergs Frying Griddle FBLB/C, centered outlet

A robust frying griddle for restaurants and catering services

FBLB/C griddles, reliable workhorses in a modern design but still convenient and easy to use

Steel griddle with the same thickness and excellent quality of a traditional cast iron griddle, but with a unique sandblasted FBLB 55/5 Sidopanel, El-tipp, 4-ben H&S Centrerad pipsurface. Edges of welded stainless plating. Just a fraction of the volume and weight of cast iron edges and being a poor heat conductor ensures less heat loss, a more even heat over the entire surface, less energy consumption and quicker warm-up. The edges are also cooler, which improves safety when using the griddle. The Friberg Griddle Light has all these features. Also available in a model with the control panel mounted on the front, see FBL/C (or FBL and FBLB with offset outlet).

4 different designs

  • Column foot, fixed height (standard)
  • Column foot, adjustable height
  • Four legs, fixed height
  • Four legs, adjustable height


  • Size 25, 35, 40 and 55dm² frying surface.
  • Standard pan depth 65mm.
  • 25dm² - one frying zone and one thermostat.
  • Others have two frying zones and two thermostats.
  • Stepless heat regulation.
  • Counterbalanced level lid/off-loading space.
  • Cast iron frying surface.
  • Easy-to-service.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.


  • Spindle foot for column.
  • Mounting frame.
  • Pan 120mm or 180mm deep.
  • Heatable off-loading space.
  • Marine use, 230V/400V/440V/480V.
  • Griddles tailor made to your requirements.

The 15mm thick griddle of sandblasted steel and welded, relatively thin 2mm stainless edges and reflectors under the element, is the concept behind the new Fribergs Griddle Light.

The manoeuvre controls are all on a central panel and protected against knocks and collisions by a heavy protection plate.

Stainless edge conducts less heat from the frying surface making it cooler than any other metallic surface. Also easy to clean.

Counterbalanced lid with stable handle. Flat and heavy steel plating construction useful as a temporary off-loading space.

Small dimensions. The width is reduced to a minimum with no protruding bits on the sides.

Two frying zones at sizes 40 and 55 with separate thermostats.

Turn switch for electric tipping. Tipping stops when the switch is activated.

Signal diodes for main power and thermostats.

Easy to clean surfaces of stainless steel with a minimum of screws makes it easy to clean.

The griddles are normally bolted to the floor, a stainless mounting frame is available as an accessory, but the griddles can also be supplied with 4 legs or a spindle foot mounted on a column.

The heating elements are also easy to replace when servicing.

All griddles have electric tipping.

Available in three sizes: 25, 40 and 55dm² frying surface. The same depth, only the width is different.

Sturdy · Quick · Reliable · Powerful · Durable

Technical information

FBLB griddles are equipped with electrical tilting as standard. The FBLB models are available in three depths; the normal 65mm depth of the frying surface, as well as models with an 120mm or 180mm depth.

Technical data

Size Frying surface
Heat output
Tubular element
Number x W
Heat fuse
Amp. at 400V
Net weight
Gross weight
25 450x550x65* 8,25 3x2750 50-300 3x16 133 140
40 720x550x65* 13,2 2x2000
3x20 160 170
55 1000x550x65* 16,5 6x2750 3x25 197 185
Gross weight includes packaging.
* 120mm and 180mm on deep pan models.

Article number

Design 25 25
40 40
55 55
Column foot, fixed height 701060-08 701061-08 701062-08 701063-08 701064-08 701065-08 701066-08 701067-08 701068-08
Four legs, fixed height 701060-09 701061-09 701062-09 701063-09 701064-09 701065-09 701066-09 701067-09 701068-09
Four legs, adjustable height 701060-10 701061-10 701062-10 701063-10 701064-10 701065-10 701066-10 701067-10 701068-10
Column foot, adjustable height 701060-11 701061-11 701062-11 701063-11 701064-11 701065-11 701066-11 701067-11 701068-11


Below you will find the measurements for the various FBLB models. These measurements are also available in the downloadable brochures.

Friberg FBLB/C with fixed or height adjustable column foot
Fribergs FBLBC med fast eller höj- och sänkbar pelarfot
Friberg FBLB/C with four fixed legs
Fribergs FBLBC med fasta ben
Friberg FBLB/C with four height adjustable legs
Fribergs FBLBC med höj- och sänkbara ben
Explanation of numbers
  1. Power switch
  2. Thermostats
  3. Pilot light, heat
  4. Tilting switch (only on electrical tilting, manual tilting model has a wheel)
  5. Height adjusting switch
Measurements for the drawings
Size A C D E F G H I
25 550 790 275 210 100 680 675 55
40 820 945 190
55 1100 1225 330


For our various frying griddles there are a number of available accessories. Below are the most common ones.

Heatable off-loading space

Can only be ordered when ordering the frying griddle - not for mounting later. The heatable off-loading space lets you easily keep things warm right next to the frying griddle. The control panel for the griddle is mounted on the front of the off-loading space, contrary to the standard models. The off-loading space has its own thermostat of course, and can be ordered on either right or left side. 702306-04 (right), 702306-05 (left)

Recessed pistol spray with single head mixer tap

Accessory for the above off-loading space. Gives you easy access to water for simplified handling and cleaning. 702283-00

Uppvärmningsbar avställningsyta
Spindle foot

For the column foot model of FBLB/C you can purchase a spindle foot, which mounts on the column foot. This gives the frying griddle extra stability, good for marine use among other things. NOTE! The spindle foot increases the height by 25mm. 702375-00

Mounting frame

If the griddle is to be permanently fixed to a spot there is a mounting frame available. Intended for the column foot FBLB/C, the griddle is bolted to the floor using the mounting frame. 702390-00

Ingjutningsram för fast montage


Here is an assortment of product photos that you can view. Click the images to open a bigger image in a new window.
NOTE! Images below show the FBL model.

FBLB 55/5 Sidopanel, El-tipp, 4-ben H&S Centrerad pipFBLB 55/5 Sidopanel, El-tipp, 4-ben H&S Centrerad pip

Product sheets

Below you will find downloadable product brochures in PDF format. PDF documents requires Adobe Reader which you can download for free from Adobe

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