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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Fribergs frying griddle FB

A robust frying griddle for restaurants and catering services

FB griddles, reliable workhorses on a modern design but also convenient and easily worked

Fribergs FB Cast iron in the frying pan is the best material to fry on, used and appreciated for hundreds of years! A lot of different materials and coatings has been tested during recent years, but cast iron still comes out on top! All Friberg's frying griddles have stainless steel external surfaces.

4 different designs

  • Column foot, fixed height (standard)
  • Column foot, adjustable height
  • Four legs, fixed height
  • Four legs, adjustable height


  • Size 25, 35, 40 and 55dm² frying surface.
  • Standard pan depth 90mm.
  • 25dm² - one frying zone and one thermostat.
  • Others have two frying zones and two thermostats.
  • Stepless heat regulation.
  • Counterbalanced level lid/off-loading space.
  • Cast iron frying surface.
  • Easy-to-service.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean.


  • Spindle foot for column.
  • Mounting frame.
  • Shelf for spatula etc.
  • FB25, 40 and 55 available with 140mm depth.
  • Heatable off-loading space.
  • Marine use, 230V/400V/440V/480V.
  • Griddles tailor made to your requirements.

The griddles are well insulated.  All griddles are manufactured with extreme accuracy to guarantee safe function and long service life.

Size 25 has one frying zone and one thermostat while the others two frying zones and two thermostats making it possible to fry on one side and keep warm on the other.

The griddles are normally bolted to the floor, a stainless mounting frame is available as an accessory, but the griddles can also be supplied with 4 legs or a spindle foot mounted on a column.With a closed lid the griddle becomes an excellent working surface.

All Friberg’s griddles have electric tubular elements just under the frying surface, supported by springed, stainless reflector plates for good heat transfer.  All contributing to excellent frying.

The thermostats for stepless heat regulation have sensors placed in drilled holes in the frying pan, which improves heat efficiency.  The heating elements are also easy to replace when servicing.

Sturdy · Quick · Reliable · Powerful · Durable

Technical information

FB griddles comes with electrical tilting as standard. Just like VKF, the FB25, 40 and 55 models are available in two depths, on one hand the standard frying surface depth of 90mm, on the other hand with depth increased to 140mm.

Technical data
Size Frying surface
Heat output
Tubular elements
Number x W
Heat fuse
Amps. at 400V
Net weight
Gross weight
25 500x450x90* 6,0 3x2000 50-300 3x10 165 180
35 650x450x90 9,0 6x1500 3x16 195 210
40 720x550x90* 12,6 2x2300
3x20 215 230
13,8** 6x2300
14,7** 2x2750
16,5** 6x2750 3x25
55 1000x550x90* 13,8 6x2300 3x25 265 280
14,7** 2x2750
16,5** 6x2750 3x25
Gross weight includes packaging.   * FB25/40/55 Deep = H=140mm.   ** Accessory.
Article number
Size Depth griddle Electrical tilting
Fixed height Height adjustable
Column foot Four legs Column foot Four legs
25 90mm 702040-08 702040-09 702040-11 702040-10
35 702041-08 702041-09 702041-11 702041-10
40 702042-08 702042-09 702042-11 702042-10
55 702044-08 702044-09 702044-11 702044-10
25 140mm 702045-08 702045-09 702045-11 702045-10
40 702043-08 702043-09 702043-11 702043-10
55 702046-08 702046-09 702046-11 702046-10


Below you will find the measurements for the various FB models. The measures are also in the downloadable brochures.

Friberg FB with fixed or height adjustable column foot
Fribergs FB with fixed or height adjustable column foot
Friberg FB with four fixed legs
Fribergs FB with four fixed legs
Friberg FB with four height adjustable legs
Fribergs FB with four height adjustable legs
Measurements for the drawings
Size Leg model A
=Back edge
=Leg width
25 Column, fixed/height adj. 700 880 753 897** 153 159 710 370
35 855 1035
40 910 1090 835 218 184 800
55 1190 1370 879
25 4 legs, fixed height 700 880 753 896 53 -12* 710 570
35 855 1035 725
40 910 1090 835 118 -37* 800 790
55 1190 1370 879 1070
25 4 legs, height adj. 700 880 753 840-1052 40 -30* 710 825
35 855 1035 980
40 910 1090 835 105 -5* 800 1035
55 1190 1370 879 1315
* NOTE! The floor drain may be located between the legs of the griddles with four legs.   ** 840-1052 for height adjustable column.


For our various frying griddles there are a number of available accessories. Below are the most common ones.

Heatable off-loading space

Can only be ordered when ordering the frying griddle - not for mounting later. The heatable off-loading space lets you easily keep things warm right next to the frying griddle. The control panel for the griddle is mounted on the front of the off-loading space, contrary to the standard models. The off-loading space has its own thermostat of course, and can be ordered on either right or left side. 702306-02 (höger), 702306-03 (vänster)

Recessed pistol spray with single head mixer tap

Accessory for the above off-loading space. Gives you easy access to water for simplified handling and cleaning. 702283-00

Uppvärmningsbar avställningsyta
Spindle foot

For the column foot model of FB you can purchase a spindle foot, which mounts on the column foot. This gives the frying griddle extra stability, good for marine use among other things. NOTE! The spindle foot increases the height by 25mm. 702375-00

Mounting frame

If the griddle is to be permanently fixed to a spot there is a mounting frame available. Intended for the column foot FB, the griddle is bolted to the floor using the mounting frame. 702390-00

Ingjutningsram för fast montage


Here is an assortment of product photos that you can view. Click the images to open a bigger image in a new window.

FB 40/2 Fast pelare, El-tippFB 40/5 4-Ben H&S, El-tippFB 55/5 4-Ben H&S, El-tippFB 55/5 4-Ben H&S, El-tippFB 40/5 4-Ben H&S, El-tipp

Product sheets

Below you will find downloadable product brochures in PDF format. PDF documents requires Adobe Reader which you can download for free from Adobe

Hämta produktblad på svenska i PDF-format Hämta norskt produktblad (230V) på svenska i PDF-format Hämta produktblad på engelska i PDF-format

We reserve the right to carry out alterations without prior notice.