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A company with more than a hundred
years history to build the future upon!

Environment and quality

Factory environment

Friberg care about the environment and has since the 80's a well-organized environmental work at the factory. We have a recycling station with sorting of metal, stainless steel, black steel, aluminum, copper, etc. and waste sorting of bulky waste, paper/cardboard, wood, oils/coolants, batteries and so on. We have expanded and changed the material flow at the factory, in order to streamline and optimize work time, energy and ergonomics. The older parts of the factory have been renovated/ modernized while we have expanded. All the interior lights has been replaced, heating and ventilation is adjusted to the current production and the possible future expension.   

The heating of the factory consist mostly of recovery of heat from our lasercutting machin and our modern ventilations air cleaning from the welding stations. The air is cleaned and recirculated by a number of Swegon Gold ventilation systems. Heat gains is mostly done with waste water/ condensate water from our steam pan.
We have also prepared our factory for future long distance heating.
We have a newly built loding and off loading room, which is a closed area with liftable fllor for adaptation for loading botch trucks and cars. This closed room makes it possible to have the doors open withour cooling our factory and keeps the time of open doors down to a minimun.


Transports is for the most part done with our main supplier DB Schenker, but we have agreement with the major shipping companies. We plan our logistics to be as efficient as possible. Our own transports are meade with our own cars, eco-driving and interoperability where it´s possible.

We also undertake to recycle our old discarded products if they are returned to us. We also have environmental depots inside the factory for optimun control of our fluids and chemicals. Acid cleaning is done in a purpose-designed hall, with good ventilation and chemical tanks for the sewer.

We are working to complete our environmental certification of operatons in accordance with ISO 14001

Environmental policy

Fribergs Verkstäder AB shall work for the development of environmentally friendly products, and that all our manufacturing processes and installations have as little environmental impact as possible.

In our efforts we should weigh in what is technically feasible, economicall sound and ecologically justified. This means that our environmental work shall be characterized by a view of the whole, not just parts.

Care for the environment shall permeate our enterprise and our daily work. We will accomplish this through:

Håkantorp, September 1th 2015

Håkan Eriksson
CEO, Fribergs Verkstäder

Fribergs Verkstäder är certifierade enligt ISO 9002.

Quality policy

Friberg's products are characterized by high quality, which means that the drawing requirements and functionality are to be upheld.

That we must always be sensitive to the customer's wishes and needs, so they experience great security in cooperating with us. In these efforts, all our employees to be involved.

Daily small improvements to increase our efficiency and give our customers reasons to purchase from us.

Annually establish documented and measurable goals.

Ensure that laws and regulations are abided by.

All productionshall be environmentally and efficiently as possible.

Håkantorp,October 1th 2015

Håkan Eriksson
CEO, Fribergs Verkstäder

Ergonomic equipment and tools

Fribergs uses where possible ergonomically designed tools to achieve the best possible working environment for our workstations. There are lots of lifting equipment, hand trucks, electric trucks and pallet trucks. Lift tables and jigs for different tasks.

We work actively with our factory environment to meet our requirements in terms of personnel safety in the workshop.

Welding Chuck 2 x     Welding Chuck tilting, rotating
Welding Table 2 x     Welding Table tilting, rotating
Rotary tables 2 x     During welding, manual rotation
Welding / assembly jigs Several     Welding jigs for various tasks, workstations
Lift Module   Ergo Control 300E3 300 kg Lifts, rotates
Lift Tables 3 x Hymo, Gigant   Height-adjustable workstations
Overhead crane   Kone 1000 kg Pneumatic table for sheet for the lasers
Overhead crane   Sone Crane 500 kg Overhead crane during assembly
Overhead crane   Abus 500 kg Overhead crane at the welding department
Tool holders       Tool holder in the roof rails that hold hand tools, assembly stations
Welding Helmets   Speedglas   Speedglas with air supply
Weld Extraction   Euromate Ultraflex   Weld Extraction, flexible extraction at stations
Extraction grinding workshop   Donaldsson Total Filtration   Extraction systems in grinding workshop. Fresh air in.
Ventilation   Swegon Gold   Multifunction climate control in the workshop, exhaust and fresh air, heating and ventilation