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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

A Fribergs Success – A made in Sweden professional induction cooker for restaurants and catering services!

Fribergs 4-zoners induktionsspis FSI med skåpinklädnadWORLD NEWS!

Introducing our latest creation, an induction cooker for professional users such as restaurants and catering services. It has become a great favorite with all the customers who have chosen to buy it. The first delivered cookers, we now have confirmation that they have already paid back the price difference compared to conventional cast-iron stove, by the energy savings and much faster cooking.
Really fun, and congratulations on a good deal !!

Fribergs FSI is a new generation cooker that builds upon the latest developments of a new generation of induction technology. Previously it has been difficult to use induction technology in professional environments due to the short lifespan of the induction plates, but with the Fribergs FSI we introduce a cooker with induction plates built for 30000 hours of use, which completely changes the feasability of induction cookers for professional use.

High power and extremely quick heating makes a huge difference when it comes to efficiency in either restaurants or catering services, coupled with less energy consumption and heat generation in kitchen environments.

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